Remodeling the Kitchen Cabinet Doors

One of the simplest and less invasive ways to change the look of your kitchen during a remodel is to change the look of your cabinet doors and hardware, under the condition that the cabinets themselves, are secure and can still be deemed suitable for use.

Aside from simply painting the cabinet doors themselves, a more creative way would be to simply and carefully measure and cut pieces of wallpaper and adhere them to the outer portion of the doors neatly. This option is a fantastic way to tie in your decor from other nearby rooms, or even match the pattern of your dishware if you can find a pattern that is similar.
A super idea to Hire the Perfect Custom Home Interior Designer, for a home with children or any busy family, is to tape off the outer edges of your cabinet fronts and evenly apply chalkboard spray paint! This is a perfect and handy way to keep track of appointments, school reminders, or even fun little motivating messages for your loved ones.
Along with the theme of unconventional decor, also comes the idea of the application of corkboard with pushpins.
A magnetic kitchen cabinet door is a fun option as well. This can be achieved by, taping off the areas you do not wish to have magnetic, purchasing magnetic spray paint, which is sold at craft stores, most hardware stores and online, and applying evenly. It is imperative to ensure each coat is dry completely before adding another layer.

Small picture frames, containing your child’s favorite artwork or a great find you wish to display may also be used to redecorate your cabinet fronts. They may be either be affixed using a strong adhesive glue such as E6000 or simply hung using a picture hanger, which may be a less desirable option if it protrudes through the back of the cabinet.

Fabric may also be used to replace the centerpiece of the cabinet door. This can be achieved by carefully cutting out the cabinet front, measuring the fabric and stretching it over the exposed area, picture facing front, and using a staple gun to affix it tightly and evenly to the back edges of the cabinet door. This way is a bit difficult to clean, however it is a very feasible way to ensure a close match to any other decor.
An easy to clean, decorative and fun idea is to apply tile, directly to the cabinet fronts. The tile may be purchased in single pieces or in sheets, which would make measuring, cutting, and spacing much easier.
If you are great with a sewing machine, the doors can be removed altogether and replaced by your favorite fabric pattern, affixed by a rod and hung similarly to curtains over a window.
Changing the hardware on the cabinet doors may be another option for updating the look of your kitchen very inexpensively. The sky’s the limit as far as options, ranging from flea market finds to a trip to your local hardware store. They may be handles or knobs removed from another piece of furniture which can all be spray painted to achieve the look you are seeking.